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Issue physical and virtual cards worldwide

Use advanced API technology to generate and issue payment cards. Easily customize to your brand style, move funds to cards, and have full control over card settings and which payments are approved.

Send funds to cards directly to make money available for instant payments

Transparent pricing using interchange and no additional third party costs

Physical cards can be customized to the brand of your business

Set card preferences using in-depth card controls

Approve payment flows with intuitive authorization tools

Virtual cards can be used for single and multiple use

Full control of your funds using a single payments platform

Get a transparent overview of your cash flow with acquiring and issuing on one global platform, and control funds without relying on any legacy solutions or additional companies.

Choose the perfect card payment experience

Whatever your business setup, we can help you issue the right payment card for your customers.

Physical cards

Customize onboarding, card branding, and card-control rules Can be used to purchase online, in store and in-app Re-issue when expired, lost or stolen

Virtual cards

Generate single or multi-use cards. Send single or batches of cards in preferred formats. APIs put automation and scale at your fingertips.

Customized card controls and authorization

Manage how funds are spent based on your custom configurations.


Approved Brands

Sales Channel

Industry Type



Relay Authorization

Merchant ID

Transparent pricing overview

Avoid complex pricing and unpredictable third-party costs. You’ll also get greater visibility using interchange fees and in-depth reporting to help make sure the money leaving an account matches the actual money spent.

Advanced API integration

Our API-first design empowers you to create flexible, scalable solutions on our worldwide, end-to-end payment processing solution.

Mobile wallets made for any situation

Digital wallets are becoming more popular than ever before. Cards issued through us can easily be added to mobile wallets to be used to buy online, in store, and in-app.


Create one-time, or multi-use virtual cards on the spot, and get funds for bookings to your partner networks in no time. Suitable for hotels, hospitality, and tourism providers for full or partial payments (ie. for up-front deposits).


Add new restaurants and food providers to your platform with speed by providing drivers with issued physical cards so they can pay for orders on pick-up. Control how cards can be used by issuing funds just in time, lock fund usage to a specific restaurant or vendor and for a set amount.

Marketplace / Platform

Keep small business owners happy with faster payouts directly to branded physical or virtual cards, have more transparency of your cash flow with quick payouts and introduce a new revenue stream by offering cards as part of your marketplace / platform offering.