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Recognize loyal shoppers and reduce fraud

Use a data-driven approach to block fraud with a unique risk management engine.

A single integration to tackle fraud

Easily detect fraud online, in store, in app and wherever else your business goes next using an all-in-one payments platform. All data is in one place so you can enhance shopping experiences, improve brand loyalty and easily increase conversions.

Deal with fraud the way you want

Reduce manual work and gain full visibility of your transactions using a smart fraud system that combines rule based components with the latest in machine learning.

One solution

Fully transparent solution to optimize all transactions.


Always-on, always learning and adapting in real-time.

Full control

Configure the engine to suit your business needs.

Fully transparent setup

Unlike fraud systems that rely on black box decision making, you’ll always know why a transaction was accepted or declined. With a full view of every transaction you can react in the best way for your business.

Protected right away

Experience an intuitive out-of-the-box tool that’s used by the world’s leading companies and is already assessing risk tailored to your industry to reduce fraud from day one.

✔Automatic risk profiles
✔Fully customizable
✔Plug and play
✔Any industry

Individual risk services for any business setup


Managed Risk

Focus on growth with a fully featured risk service as we take on your risk management and risk scoring.

Stand alone Risk API

Use our risk solution without integrating with our payments platform for a seamless integration.

Behavioral analytics

Track suspicious user behavior around payment fields with real-time behavioral analytics to prevent scripted or automated attacks.

Device fingerprinting

Identify the shoppers and fraudsters behind transactions by tieing multiple signals into a single profile for every device.

Transaction linking

Real time graph analysis (a method used to analyse complex networks) tracks patterns to identify and prevent fraud dynamically.

Chargeback defense

Reduce the burden of lengthy disputes by automatically defending chargebacks and freeing up your resources.

3D Secure 2

Send transactions for seamless authentication through 3D Secure 2 so you don’t harm your conversions.

Risk engine

Combine rules and policies that are optimized through the use of machine learning to fit your fraud prevention strategy.

Case management

Get a full overview of data signals for every transaction (payment, IP, and location data) plus automated workflows that help simplify manual reviews.

Experiment and measure

Make data-informed decisions about your risk optimizations with our A/B testing feature.