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Easily manage your point of sale setup

Enjoy an optimized point of sale solution using the latest technology to enhance every customer journey.

Fully-certified and PCI-compliant terminal range for any business need or customer experience.

Simple API to initiate payments from web browsers, mobile devices, and cash register systems.

Helpful dashboards show performance, terminal fleet management, and reporting in one interface.

Strong platform stability with systems designed for maximum speed and 100% uptime.

Connect payment data across channels for accurate and in depth customer insights.

Offer all local payment methods so customers can pay the way they want

Connect all point of sale devices and data to a single platform

Make your POS payments setup easier with the all-in-one payments platform that helps you integrate once and for all, wherever you are in the world.

Integrate with a simple web-based API

Easily integrate POS systems with terminals, initiate payments from a range of devices and systems, perform refunds, and collect customer information.

Choose from a wide range of POS terminals

Be up and running as fast as you need with the latest pre-certified POS terminals. Every terminal meets PCI compliance, and is either encrypted with E2EE or P2PE.


Compact and reliable devices.


Designed to reduce shopping queues. 


Offers flexibility, with fast-printing.


Boost engagement at the checkout.


Built for self-service businesses.